How to Grow Lettuce In Pots

Container gardening is pretty popular right now, isn’t it? Growing plants in container has some benefits, some of them are: Mobility/flexibility. You can move your plants every day according to your need. Is this position bad for landscaping? Move it to another place. Does this plant require a bit of shade? Move it to somewhere …

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How to Grow A Lime From Seeds

Lime is an exciting fruit that can be used for various purposes at home. It comes from the same Family of lemon (Rutaceae) and it has similarities with lemons. You can use lime to make healthy summer drink, you can use it to add fresh acidity to your cuisine, and you can also use it …

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10 Edible Perennials

Edible plants are so useful, especially in a time of crisis. You can harvest it as a main ingredients of your meal, as addition in your cooking, or as natural remedies. There are a lot of edible plants that you can grow fast and harvest immediately. But if you want something that comes back year …

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How to Grow Lemon From Seeds

When life gives you lemon… what should you do? Besides making lemonade, you can use the seeds to get more lemons! Lemon is an amazing fruit and it’s so useful for various purposes in the household. Now imagine when you can get free lemons from your garden! How amazing is that?! In this post we’ll …

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How to Grow Spinach From Seed

Spinach is a great leafy green with various nutrients for the health. You can grow it from seed and enjoy the harvest soon. It’s one of the fast growing vegetables. So, if you have some empty area in your garden maybe you can give some spinach plants the privilege to grow there. PREPARE THE SOIL …

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Tips To Grow Potatoes

Potato is a great vegetable that can be used as a carbohydrate source in meals. You can process it into creamy potato soup, mashed potato, french fries, potato chips, or a simple-yet-yummy roasted potato. If you cannot avoid potato in your meal plan, it means you need a lot of potatoes in your life. So, …

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