11 Amazing Perennials That Grow In Shade

When you have a shaded area in your garden and you want something that comes back year after year… maybe you should consider these plants!

These perennials can grow in shade!

You can plant them even when the area doesn’t receive wonderful amount of sunlight throughout the day!

What is perennials?

Perennials is a popular word to mention perennial plants.

Perennial itself, according to Cambridge Dictionary, means:

lasting a very long time, or happening repeatedly or all the time

So, perennial plants are plants that can last a very long time. You can plant them once and enjoy them for years. They are expected to last for more than two years.

Perennials that you can grow in shade

Shade perennials do exist.

This kind of plant lets gardeners who wants to decorate their shade garden with something that last for a long time.

Down below are several perennials that you can grow in shade!


prachtspiere, astilbe, plant



periwinkle, flower, blue


Jacob’s Ladder


corydalis flexuosa spinners, helmbloem, blue

Bleeding Heart

selective focus photo of purple pacific bleeding heart flowers


hosta, shade, plant

Hardy Begonia

Indian Pink