Low Maintenance Plants For Beginners

featured image for post EASY TO GROW PLANTS FOR BEGINNERS

Wanna start your first garden?

Listen to me, gardening is not that hard.

Some plants might require discipline, strict care.

But did you know? There are plants that are super easy to grow!

You do not need strict watering schedule with these plants and they can still grow!

These plants are perfect for beginners!

Aloe Vera

aloe vera, succulent, herb

This plant is perfect for beginners and for lazy gardeners.

You can just plant it, water it next week, and then leave it for the next 2 weeks to check how long the “stems” has grown.

It needs very little water.

Watering them generously twice a month should be enough.

Snake Plant

Sansevieria, snake plant, or mother-in-law tongue plant, is another low maintenance plant that is perfect for beginners.

It needs very little water.

It’s more on the drought-tolerant side rather than the over-watered side.

You can water it once every three weeks.

So, a lazy gardener can grow this plant well!

Just make sure to put this plant under a bright sunlight every day.

Spider Plant

I love this plant!

I mean, it can be a great option for landscaping or to make your garden looks “crowded”.

A beautiful, crowded garden looks good, doesn’t it?

At least it gives a hint that the gardener is either diligent or smart, hahaha!

Spider plant is easy to grow and it doesn’t need a lot of watering if you plant it in a right condition.

Don’t let it get fried under the sun if you live in a hotter climate.

Give it some protection/shade so it doesn’t receive harsh sunlight.

You can water snake plant 3-4 times a month, depends on the season and climate.

If you live in a tropical region you can give it water a little bit more frequently.

If you feel too lazy to take a note, just check the soil. If it’s dry, give it water. If the top soil looks moist you can wait for some other days.

Never let your spider plant soaked in a water.

And of course, make sure the soil is well-drained.

If you plant it in a pot make sure the pot has holes in the bottom.

Peace Lily

This majestic-looking plant deserves a love.

It can produce beautiful, peaceful-looking flowers.

It doesn’t require expensive caring.

And it doesn’t need a lot of waterings!

You can water this plant generously once a week and let it grow.

If you will, you can fertilize it every 3 or 6 months.

Do not put peace lily under direct sunlight.

If you want to plant it outdoor, you can give some protection/shade so it can receive bright sunlight without being “fried”.

Jade Plant

It looks stunning, isn’t it?

This very popular houseplant can be grown pretty easily.

When the summer begins or when you live in a hotter climate, water it once a week.

In fall or winter, add more space between watering to prevent it from rotting.

Jade plant hates being overwatered.

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