Tips To Grow Potatoes

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Potato is a great vegetable that can be used as a carbohydrate source in meals.

You can process it into creamy potato soup, mashed potato, french fries, potato chips, or a simple-yet-yummy roasted potato.

If you cannot avoid potato in your meal plan, it means you need a lot of potatoes in your life.

So, why not try growing potatoes yourself at home?

Growing potatoes is probably not as difficult as you think.

Check out this guide if you want to learn about it.

Or if you have read the basic of growing potatoes, don’t forget to read these tips below…

Check the variety before planting

Identify your potato variety before planting it.

It can help you find out the harvest time.

If you plant the potato from seeds, check the label and check how many weeks you need to wait until harvest time.

If you wanna grow potatoes from potatoes, check the label on where you get the potato or try to find it in the internet.

After that, do another google search to see how many weeks you need to wait until the harvest time.

Support the store-bought potato according to the source

If you buy it from an organic grocery store, great! You can proceed to chitting/sprouting.

If you buy it from non-organic store-bought, you might want to take the extra mile.

The potatoes sold in the regular grocery store are usually has been treated with a formula that prevents sprouting.

So, if you wanna grow potatoes from this kind of potato, you need to wash the potato well and wait for a month or so to let it sprout.

Add acidity

Potato plant loves soil which has a little bit of acidity. Somewhere around 5.2 and 6.0.

Planting potato in alkaline soil means exposing the plant to the risk of scab (a fungal disease).

So, if your soil pH tester shows something above 7, maybe you want to treat your soil first so it has some acidity.

To add acidity, you can use fertilizer that contains some sulfur in it.

Give them some space

Potato tubers are actually roots of the potato plants.

They can take a lot of space to grow.

So give each plant a good space to grow their root optimally.


As your potato plant grows, don’t forget to cover some of the stem with more soil.

When the plant grows even taller, cover the stem again with more soil.

Keep the soil moist

Potato plant loves moist soil.

Not too dry. Not too wet.

Find the balance.

So, water them regularly, around twice a week or so (depends on temperature and climate) and don’t let them sit on a soggy soil.

After 90 days of planting and the leaves start become yellowish, you might want to stop watering.

Guess the harvest time using 3 hints

You can guess if the potato plant is ready to harvest using 3 hints:

  • It’s 100 days old (different variety might have different harvest days)
  • Its leaves turn yellow and brown
  • It has done producing flowers two weeks ago

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